The Revolution
Spin Revolution
the revolution

Interval Revolution
This is an alternative style workout, which incorporates intervals of upper body work while powering through a full hour of cycling. Burn calories and define your arms!
(endurance, power, strength)

Circuit Revolution
This class is unique because the entire workout is based on time, fusing together cardio and sculpting in circuits.  During this class work on drills, form, strength, endurance, and speed.  Start out cycling, then move to an interval with light weights, and then back to cycling. Caloric burn is huge since you are using more muscles groups and including reps of cardio. Finish on the floor with core work.  This is a great class for those looking for total body conditioning. (strength, speed, endurance, flexibility)

AB-solute Revolution 
This class will take you through 45 minutes of cycling.  After, spend 15 minutes doing the AB-solute ab workout burning 600 - 800 calories in the hour.
(endurance, strength)

True Revolution
The name says it all. Our expert instructors will take you through 60 minutes of strong cycling. Enjoy each instructor's unique delivery with different styles of music and formats that will have you burning 600-800 calories per class!
(power, endurance)
Total Body 
This is the only class offered that is completely off the bike.  Get upper cut and rock bottom!  Using only light weights, do high repetitions for toned, sleek arms.  Then work to tighten, tone, firm and strengthen your abs, inner/outer thighs and glutes.  Finish class with a full body stretch.
(strength, flexibility, balance)

Kettlebell Revolution
A first of its kind - bikes and bells! Melt fat and zap calories by incorporating strength, muscle conditioning and aerobic endurance to your cycling workout with one small piece of equipment....a Kettlebell! Kettlebells allow for full body motions that engage the major muscle groups, making it an extremely effective training device. With a Kettlebell, ALL muscles are forced to work as a synergistic unit across several planes of motion, all the while maintaining balance and control. This class is based on a sequence of exercises to get your heart rate up with controlled movement moving you from the bike to the bell and back! Please bring your own Kettlebell to class. First time participants are encouraged to bring a 5-10 lb Kettlebell
Rev Up!
Pressed for time but still committed to your healthy life style?  Come try our newest format – Rev Up!  After a quick warm-up, we’ll get right to the cardio-pumping, leg-blasting fitness party you’ve come to love at The Rev.  You’ll get an hour’s worth of results in 45 minutes!  Hey, who can’t use a little extra time?

Core Ball Revolution (60 - Space Is Limited)
This class is designed to help retrain unbalanced muscles, initiate the core and build strength from within that will transfer on and off the bike.  After 30 - 40 minutes on the bike hit the floor for some core exercises using a ball.  

Core Ball (30 Minutes - Space Is Limited)
Floor work only.  Build core strength and balance while toning inner/outer thighs and arms.

Barre Revolution
After 30-40 minutes of cardio pumping cycling this class incorporates moves from the hottest celebrity workouts.  Concentrated exercise and stretches using the bikes handlebars for balance.  You will reshape and tighten glutes and thighs, and sculpt your abs.  You will blast calories and revolutionize your physique. (Endurance, Balance, Strength, Flexibility)

Kick off class with our traditional Rev Up format. (45 minutes of cycling)  Then finsish on the floor with 15 minutes of deep gentle stretching.   (Endurance, Balance, Strength, Flexibility)

Video Revolution
Our instructors will take you through 60 minutes of cycling (True Rev) while watching the music videos on the screens.  Enjoy each instructor's unique delivery with different styles of music and formats that will have you burning 600 - 800 calories per class! (Power, Endurance, Strength)

Tabata Revolution

After a quick warm up , get ready to torch calories and fat!  Start with 30 min on the bike and after a brief recovery, two sets of *Tabata on the floor. Finish with a nice cool down stretch. Power, Strength, Endurance

 *Tabata Training is four minutes of intense interval training/circuit training. A good example is sprinting for 20 seconds and then recovering for 10 seconds - repeated 7 times for a total of 8 sets (which equals approximately four minutes hard work  with about a minute in between.) Floor examples are push ups, planks, burpees, squats. Modifications can be made in every class.